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WIP of Inque

It's Just Me

I lost a piece of me in you;
I think I left it in your arms.
I forget the reasons I got scared,
But remember that I cared quite a lot.

You see but lately I've been on my own.
Yeah one, but one by choice.
You see, that's a first for me,
There's only me, yeah theres only me,
And now I realize for once,
It's just me.
It's just me.
It's just me,
And I'll find a way to make it,
There's no one left to stop me.
Here I go.
Can we take it from the top?

So why so long?
So sad, I wanna be strong.
Don't try to take this from me.
I'm already spent living half my life undone
So why so long?
So sad, I wanna be strong.
Don't try to take this from me.
I've already spent my life living half undone.

I've been talking to my aunts and uncles, mom and dad again.
I've been finding out that I have what this world calls friends.
I've tried to push them all away,
They push me back and wanna stay
And that's one good thing I have.

I'm gonna feel a peace in me,
I'm gonna feel at home.
I'm gonna make this cloud above me disappear, be gone.
I wanna feel a punch inside, my heart beat on the floor.
I don't wanna hurt no more.

Yeah it's just me.
It's just me
And I'll find a way to make it.
There's no one left to stop me.
Here i go, can we take it from the top?

So why so long?
So sad, I wanna be strong.
Don't try to take her from me.
I've already spent my life living half undone.

So why so long?
So sad, i wanna be strong.
Don't try to take her from me.
I've already spent my life living half undone.

It's me, the one who won before.
I used to smile but don't no more.
I'm living just to watch it all go by.

-Blue October


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Meagan M Woodcock
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United States
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General Grump. Plain Jane Donut.

I use an Intuos 4 medium tablet and CS5 is my default program. I work on a Mac laptop.

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Changes are taking place. I don't know that they are what I need or want. If I'm agreeing or just going along, but wherever it takes me, I'll make it through.

Anxiety has a rope around my neck. Some nights go by like they used to, and sometimes I lose hours of sleep or cry myself to sleep. I want to be alone, but I know I couldn't take care of myself. I push everyone around me away because I don't want them to care or to take the time to try to help me.

When I am given comfort, words of encouragement I either cry right there or feel like I should run away because it seems like everyone looks at me and knows my problems. Everyone seems to be on MY side, and that's not fair.

I have a small MP3 player that was given to me. I thought I had lost it months ago, and I was sad because it had all my Blue October on it.

Few weeks ago, it turned up again. Gave me a chance. I started listening to it. Added more music to it from a gifted flash drive. I always went back to Blue October. One day on the drive home, "X Amount of Words" was playing. Unbeknownst to me, there were two tracks in one. I discovered a song I had never heard before called "It's Just Me."

I listened to it and felt my heart rise into my throat. I felt sad but a strange peace. There was some truth in the lyrics. Something I wanted for myself.

I've never been so heartbroken in my life. I wounded myself trying to take it out of my chest, and when I couldn't control myself, I inserted a nail and hammered it through.

But I know I will see you again someday.

Today, I spent 3 hours rearranging one of the two rooms I live in. I have separate art and computer desks now. I will be getting a pc desktop built hopefully by the next paycheck. I can play games and maybe run Zbrush and other heavy programs. I'll have to go back to CS3 for now since my CS5 is Mac only. I can't afford the subscription right now.

Everyday seems like it starts and ends with a question mark. The answers to the questions are only more questions. Maybe it's like the world has said all along- It's the journey that makes a life, not the result. Yet We all hope to leave an impression on those we leave behind.


:heart: RIP CASPEYPOO Heart

Untitled by MMWoodcock



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